dimanche, juin 25, 2006

Renaming the statues

1- White sleeping widow
2-O let me weep
3-Dona nobis pachem
5-he's gone he's gone he's gone

Anonymous statues are sublime. Anonymous statues are grand. when we pass by them, why don't we loose the curiosity of looking at their real names. the name are gone. they will vanish when nobody is left to save their memories. but the statues are there for ever and ever. they testify, they represent... Anonymous statues represent the will of poeple who are probably also dead. Anonymous statues are so incredibly alive and living.
how many times have we waited for someone under the Danton statue at odeon? how many poeple know that it's actually Danton? poeple say: i'll be waiting for you by the statue at Odeon...
i want to rename my statues for i wait beside them. i wait for the loved ones, i wait for the time to pass, i wait for my dreams to come true, i wait for my anger to vanish or for my tears to dry. i wait for i long to quietly smoke a cigarette. i wait, i sit, i think... and i come back with my habits, my smell, my ways.
these statues are at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Statues i greet you...


Blogger Jez said...

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11:47 PM  
Blogger Jez said...

I'll wait for you by the dog in Shibuya, Tokyo...

11:47 PM  
Blogger hoda said...

i'll be there then... and i'll wait for you wherever you want, and in every place i'll go. if you pass by, take a minute and say hello, and talk to me and walk with me..and my statues...

12:50 AM  

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