mercredi, mai 31, 2006

marine Land 2

baleines tueuses (killer whales), daims, dauphins, mouette (seagoll). in a moment it was so easy to integrate that life. the one near the nature. what does it feel to live in the middle of it? i forgot.... i'm a city girl. i became one. but also, what would it feel to really see those animals one day in the real wild?
i loved to see the deer while returning with Jayne and Steven. he was free.but the ones in marine land made me softly sad. it was good to caress them but it wasn't mutual. these are animals who were meant to live in the wild. maybe they just don't like when men touches them. who knows finally.
at marine Land i had a great experience; i touched a beluga whale. it was a great moment of peace and emotion. i know can understand those who love dolphins and whales. their skin is soft and the sound they make is transcendal. and beautiful.


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