mardi, mai 30, 2006

Jayne and Stephen

some of you already know Jayne. remember? this crazy girl was in Paris not so long ago, in october just before the suburbs riots. she stayed at my house for a few days. Stephen is her brother et and all three of us went out on saturday night. we went to Guelph. Guelph is a student city because there is a university in it. i ilked Guelph. it has a taste of Europe in a American Canadian Body. maybe this geeling got me because of the River. it looked timy and peaceful. it could have been Bern in Switzerland.
the first pub we went to, i forgot its name. maybe Jayne you will recall me of it? it was great. my canadian beer, things we don't have in France, at least i've never tasted in Frace. Anyway in France i don't drink beer much so it was a pleasure to redecover it. it was such a pleasure than i think i got a little bit TIPSY :-). than we went out for a small walk searching for another place to be. i think we went to pablo's. i loved it. it's so different from France. more natual. more spontaneous. there was life bands in both places. in pablo's they played "breakfast at tiffany's" it was sooo kool to hear this song again, i mean like it's been 10 years or a little bit less.
the thing that amazed me is that it's not allowed to smoke in pubs and bars and inside places. to smoke, stephen and i had to go out each time we wanted a cigarette. but but but it is allowes to posses marijuana for exemple.... not to buy it but to posses it. howcome it's not allowed to smike unless it is in a open space? isn't that terrorism against personnal freedom? ahhhhhhhhhhh :-)!
i can still remenber the ride back home. at a moment i saw the famous free deer who crosses the road. the same one i wasnt able to see in the forest before. he was there, waiting for the cars to pass so he couls cros the road and go to the opposite side of the forest. these are very strong moment for me i guess. seeing a deer at 2 in the morning is much more impressive than visiting the niagara falls and then "behind blue eyes" passed on the radio and it was a moment of peace, where nobody was really talking, after a great evening and it just felt fine.
thank you Jayne and Stephen so much and hope to see you soon again, in paris, or Canada, or Prague or Middle east, or wherever...


Anonymous Jayne said...

The first pub was Molly Blooms. Canadian beer is the greatest. You had Kokanee, Keiths, Moosehead and something else. I had fun that night too. And I will see you'll either have to cross the channel into England (Its not that bad) or in Prague or Paris. Luv ya!

3:30 AM  
Blogger hoda said...

thank you jayne!!!!!!!!!
anyway all the pictures so were taken in the Molly Blooms. and yes canadian beer is one of the best. beside the desperados i think i totally adore moosehead.
i will cross the channel. english poeple are not that bad finally! (joooking)
luv ya too. take care girl!

9:17 AM  

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