mardi, mai 30, 2006

Canada Day 2 part two

if you look closely, there is one beautiful white butterfly in the first picture. un joli papillon sans peur, fearless, qui ne cessait pas de nous tourner autour. alors que les vautours, qui se prelassaient sagement sur l'arbre au bord de la route avaient l'air de gros oiseaux qui font la sieste. vultures.
on the secod day i saw a small fall. une image infinitesimale de ce que j'allais voir le lendemain.
and then, there was the white cat story, white cat my new friend!
he just came out of nowhere and came to me and rubbed his head against my leg. i played so easily with him, comme si je le connaissais depuis toujours. je followed us for many many minutes. and then he stopped. on the way back, he was still here.
and it began all over.
how lovely and how loving he was...
at night after having dinner with friends, we came back to walk and maybe see a deer running freely in the night. les cerfs, j'en ai reve si longtemps. mais le cerf n'est pas apparu. instead, a white form with glitering eyes approached. yes, there he was my beautiful white cat. and it began again anf again. we even sat on a bench in the silence of the night and the air of the forest. my cat a I. j'ai oublie le cerf.
this trip was put under the sign of red and white. white for the peace of it. for the freshness of it. for the cat, the whale and the children's innocence. the red for an inner passion that kept burning me, making me feel perfectly free.
ce voyage eut lieu sous le signe du rouge et du blanc. blanc pour la paix qui en ressortait, pour sa fraicheur. pour le chat et la baleine et l'innoncence des enfants. le rouge pour une passion interieure qui m'a continuellement brulee, me rendant parfaitement libre.


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